Why benchmarking is a Turkish coffee for Pakistan industries?

Business benchmarking and essence of Turkish coffee have very much in common. It is written in the golden books of history that when Turkish coffee was embraced by Ottoman Empire than chaos broke out. By enabling the establishment of cafes throughout an empire. Emperor provided an opportunity to rebels and revolutionary minds to be on same page. Many pacts of sovereignty were sworn and clashes took place in its wake. Inside reports revealed these facts but empire was too slow to respond to them by taking general public in confidence and ultimately bite the dust.

Emperor took these coffee unions lightly and didn’t reckon to do the earliest needful for tackling the situation. On the other hand, revolutionists prevailed over the slow mover. As famous philosopher said;

“Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can.” Richard Bach


Similarly in business world, mostly, top management is well aware of the stature in the market relative it the competitors. If proper protocols for business growth with generic SOP’s of sustaining the market pie are not in place, as an intervention for claiming a big market share through innovation, than such conventionalists will act as Turkish coffee café for competitors to way in.

Mankind is constantly looking for viable means using which they can enhance the portfolio of their expertise and get recognition. Similarly, process and industrial integration designed by human being is in evolving state, since the very start of laborious era. Every company works for its betterment, ultimately, enhancing the profit and raising the lifestyle of its employees. But the question in all this myth is “How to know, where to improve first?”

Practicing business benchmarking holds a dominant position when it comes to answering this question because it sheds a light over the current parameters of concerned organization in contrast to the corporate arena. Basically “It is all about setting standard, internally or externally, that companies compare themselves to and strive to be that good.”

  • Where we are in market?
  • Who are better than us?
  • Why are they better?
  • How are they better?
  • What can we learn from them?
  • How can we become the best in market?

Unfortunately most of the SME’s in Pakistan are not equipped with the necessary frameworks to survive in a throat cutting competition, which results in the failure of business scalability. A basic guide to get started with the benchmarking analogy is discussed below.


How to Benchmark

Alike other methodologies, benchmarking too have got a pattern following which an era of promising dawn can be secured.


Thus, provision of Turkish café to the general public alarmed warnings insights to the concerned stakeholders (emperor) but they got late in steering their priorities straight. Similarly, every organization in Pakistan depending upon their relative size and long terms vision can start practicing this revolutionary concepts by heeding to the internal/external reports, to avoid the fate alike Ottoman Empire.


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