Where Pakistan Leather Industry stands amidst CPEC project ?

Amidst of the CPEC project  hype in Pakistan, measures are in a row to analyse the LEATHER industry future stature in the subjected country. Indeed it will give birth to the spectacular competition among the associated countries, following collaborative industrial benchmarks. Long gone are the days, when the customer had a tolerance level regarding quality product or service. Educational and technological reforms are now equipping big guns with the much competitive edge than conventional practices.

Coming back to the niche, let us have a look at the Export trend followed by Pakistan’s  Leather & Tannery industry for the past couple of years.


It is evident from the graph above that subjected industry faced the same kind of downward trend like textile in the year 2015 than 2014.

Whether you go for the footwear products or general apparel, a downward stream stands clearly depicted. The only way out in this aspect is to re-check all the industrial policies at both an individual (organisation) & Associate level. Either 2017 can take our economic vessel to an upward level, or it can create a turbulence for the financial injecting bodies.

If we cast an eye over an old book of war (Industrial Zone), then it is clear from the teaching of greatest warriors, that, to crack the completion on must always follow the practice of benchmarking regarding marketing, sales & operational stuff. For example; China & Italy are the big type countries, which exported a huge sum of leather shoes in last year. It would be pertinent to living in a fool’s paradise to juts look at such statistics & hoping of everything getting better. The market holds no emotions for anyone neither does the competition.  Nevertheless, all that need to be done is to do the PEST & SWOT analysis against the world class while keeping an eye on the parallel giant?. By exercising these practices in our culture, a promising dawn with rich abundances can be assured amidst CPEC project.

In my overall consulting career, I have seen that reluctance to embrace the disruptive norms has become a common issue. There is a reason behind writing a “TOP MANAGEMENT COMMITMENT” in every ISO XYZ certification clauses. Change must be embraced from top to bottom to get started with a voyage of organisational hustling.

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