Value Stream Mapping: A Reviving Journey for Industrial Sector

“Those who can’t envision the future, won’t have one”

In life, a constant and most frightening phenomenon is change. It is pertinent to shifting from being a vegetarian to non-veg (in a typical life). But how does this change impact global players? How come some corporations keep rising higher while other competitors begin t fade away from the market zone? What are the major fundamental, through which eternal prosperity can be ensured? The answer lies in simple concept: “Industrial sector companies exercising ONLY value added activities tend to grow big at a higher pace than company practicing both VA & NVA norms within their systems.”

Basically, VA & NVA concept is attributed to the creator of Toyota Production System. From a birth of “LEAN CONCEPT” till today’s hype “IOT Concept”, the subjected notions are of vital importance.Likewise from a toolbox of LEAN, a best tool encompassing both of these concepts is Value Stream Mapping.

VSM is a technique through which a complete macroscopic image of materials & information flow can be perceived, within industrial sector Value Chain. By scrutinizing every process or step, one can have a clear idea of what’s going out of the way in entertaining a certain customers, in terms of value addition & non-value addition. Though, its first use was made in automobile sector, it is offering multiple perks in other industrial domains as well.

Let us have a look at some of the famous findings in the light if VSM.



And the list goes On & On. .


Value Stream Mapping

“Your customers care about their specific products, not about all of your products”

VSM is a first step to get started with transforming an existing structure into LEAN Paradigm.



The overall goal of VSM is to move from batch and push to one-piece flow and pull through the entire value stream, by eliminating the non0value added activities from the processes. Let us jump right into how a VSM can be made for any kind of organization



Some important points to ponder are,




VSM has got a numerous application in almost every domain of industrial world. Companies must link the VA component strategy in their visionary objectives.


P.S: Our video based lecture will be out soon on how to build a VSM with MS Visio!!!


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