TRIZ: Curvy thinking paradigm for problem solving

The metamorphosed environment of today’s industrial world has made it clear, that , only an organization or individual adaptable to changes, willing to transform the processes as per global metrics can withstand the envisioning era of disruption. Many global giants are on their way to become a bigger behemoth while the other medium enterprises are at the verge of shutting down their operations? The difference is due to the adoption of creative and inventive problem solving techniques by market leader at a higher pace than others. According to a survey, Fortune 1000 companies’ directors are investing heavily in deaearthening new tools and techniques to simplify their processes and systems and entertaining the customers in a best manner possible.
Problem solving is an art which is being embraced by many organizations worldwide and as every colonize group has got iconic leader, so is a case with problem solving holding TRIZ as its most sophisticated and inventive contrivance. TRIZ is like a gadget which is opening a new door to solve the multiplex issues.
The term was coined by Gerick Althschuller, during his job as a consultant in Caspian Sea navel office. While studying the 200,000 patents, he found out that there exists a similarity in relation to each other and there are only 5 type of inventiveness.

captureSo, he needed up drawing a well-crafted pattern consisting a contradiction matrix and its sub-items to deal with any complication.
TRIZ is a highly creative problem solving ammunition stated as “theory of Inventive Problem Solving”. Though the changing pattern of steady making product to a new one is not easy, called “psychological inertia”.

TRIZ is apparently the only technology based systematic methodology that overcomes the “psychological inertia” and produces a large range of solution concepts. The stress is on finding innovative solutions concepts, from other engineering fields, that utilize available

“Make your problem a generic statement and then try to find a generic answer, which will be converted to your solution”

schematriz2This directly results in improved product at reduced cost.

TRIZ Principles

The basis of TRIZ lies in three major principles,
Principle 1
• The problem which we are encountering has already been done by somebody, somewhere. All we have to do is to mend our efforts to find the real answer lying somewhere in the world database.
Let us have a look at an interesting example.
Basic Principle: Raise Pressure slowly than suddenly release it. (Check the use of same principles I different invention, at different time).


You see, this is how inventions happen, by mere change of already executed phenomenon.

Principle 2
• An invention happens only when the contradiction is removed.
“An improvement in one aspect causing no deterioration in other is invention. This is called Resolving Contradictions”
Example: To have an airplane wing area large enough to take off easily but small to allow more speed”. Boeing companies like Rolls Royce is using TRIZ for meeting the particular objective in this respect.

Principle 3
Principle of Separation.
To illustrate the principle, Altschuller devised a table alike QFD, in which 39 major technical considerations are listed in both columns and rows while 40 innovative principles are used to resolve the stated query.

captu55555re• The table showing the 39 contradictions and 40 principles is listed below,

39 factors

40 Principles
1. Weight of moving object
2. Weight of stationary object
3. Length of moving object
4. Length of stationary object
5. Area of moving object
6. Area of stationary object
7. Volume of moving object
8. Volume of stationary object
9. Speed
10. Force11. Stress or pressure
12. Shape
13. Stability of the object’s composition
14. Strength
15. Duration of action by a moving object
16. Duration of action by a stationary object
17. Temperature
18. Illumination intensity * (jargon)
19. Use of energy by moving object
20. Use of energy by stationary object

21. Power * (jargon)
22. Loss of Energy
23. Loss of substance
24. Loss of Information
25. Loss of Time
26. Quantity of substance/the matter
27. Reliability
28. Measurement accuracy
29. Manufacturing precision
30. External harm affects the object

31. Object-generated harmful factors
32. Ease of manufacture
33. Ease of operation
34. Ease of repair
35. Adaptability or versatility
36. Device complexity
37. Difficulty of detecting and measuring
38. Extent of automation
39. Productivity *


Principle 1. Segmentation
Principle 2. Taking out
Principle 3. Local quality
Principle 4. Asymmetry
Principle 5. Merging
Principle 6. Universality
Principle 7. “Nested doll”
Principle 8. Anti-weight
Principle 9. Preliminary anti-action
Principle 10. Preliminary actionPrinciple 11. Beforehand cushioning
Principle 12. Equipotentiality
Principle 13. ‘The other way round
Principle 14. Spheroidality – Curvature
Principle 15. Dynamics
Principle 16. Partial or excessive actions
Principle 17. Another dimension
Principle 18. Mechanical vibration
Principle 19. Periodic action
Principle 20. Continuity of useful action

Principle 21. Skipping
Principle 22. “Blessing in disguise” or “Turn Lemons into Lemonade”
Principle 23. Feedback
Principle 24. ‘Intermediary’
Principle 25. Self-service
Principle 26. Copying
Principle 27. Cheap short living objects
Principle 28. Mechanics substitution
Principle 29. Pneumatics and hydraulics
Principle 30. Flexible shells and thin films

Principle 31. Porous materials
Principle 32. Color changes
Principle 33. Homogeneity
Principle 34. Discarding and recovering
Principle 35. Parameter changes
Principle 36. Phase transitions
Principle 37. Thermal expansion
Principle 38. Strong oxidants
Principle 39. Inert atmosphere
Principle 40. Composite materials




Boeing wanted to install larger engines as it would reduce ground clearance to unacceptable levels.
Contradiction: Increasing air intake reduce ground clearance.
Solution: To address the situation following factors were listed out “Volume of moving object” & “Length of moving object”, which gives following 4 principles as gauges.
• Asymmetry
• Segmentation
• Nested dolls
• Parameter changes

capt666ureAfter analyzing the situation in light of principles, the sharp of object was changed from complete cylindrical to the little cone shaped.

captu88888reSo, TRIZ can be broadly classified in resolving three major Contradictions.
• Administrative contradiction
It is a problem requiring an “inventive” solution. Top managerial level brainstorming along the consulting advice can help in achieving the particular objective.

• Technical contradictions
The ideal situation can’t be achieved because something in the system prevents it. In other words, if you improve one evaluation parameter of the system, another one gets worse. Some examples:
? A container can stand higher pressure (positive), but weight increase (negative)
? Laptop brighter screen (positive), but more energy consumption (negative)

• Physical, or inherent, contradictions,
These are situations in which one system has contradictory, opposite requirements for the same control or design parameters. Some examples:
? A pot should be warm inside to cook food, but it should be cold outside to prevent burning hands
? A bike should be large to be comfortable, but it should be small to be easily transported

How TRIZ can help us?

• It can be used as a game changer in a health and service sector by inventing a machinery and small gadgets which can keep record of patients activity and concerned parameters
• It can eliminate the need of investing bulk amount at tie to upgrade the existing procedures in industries. Gradual supplement changes can embark one on the way to be a TRIZ star
• Our food and hospitality industry can be benefitted by this approach by conducing the innovative system survey in which strategy canvas following the blue ocean be mapped out
• In transportation sector, it can help in the designing of light weight and corrosion free vehicles, which will ensure more mobility and less oil consumption.
• It can be deployed at airports to enhance the customer satisfaction by designing infrastructure compatible with the ergonomic concerns
• Education & institute can use it to preserve the information regarding the database while ensuring its integrity.
• Heavy manufacturers call it in to use composite materials to produce more rigid and light in weight products.
• Companies can shift their focus on energy conservation by following the TRIZ tools in a systematic manner.
• Our continuous manufacturer can minimize their ongoing yield depletion by deploying TRIZ along Six Sigma.
• Discrete Manufacturers can enlist the tools of Lean & TRIZ as a guiding manual.
• Maintenance department can utilize the TRIZ principles in rectification of encountered issues.
• Engineering & Infrastructure companies can deploy it in finalizing the designing and planning phase
• Online ecommerce sites can use it to compress the stored data by allowing more visitors placing the order via cloud computing.


The article aims to enlist the brief introduction of TRIZ methodology. It can serve us with utmost serendipity, if followed whole heartedly. There is a whole world of creativity, unexplored yet. We better strive for contemplating the obscure realties which are driving the world economy in the form of philosophy or get ready to be knocked out of competition. One can go through a study of “ZENITH VS SONY”, to get beware, in which formal giant got disrupted by Sony due to less variation in products and better quality producer as per CUSTOMER REQUIREMENT!!

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