The Era of Internet of things

The era of Internet of things

The global industrial trend is at the cornerstone of disruption. Diversified customer requirements along the varietal ingredients are making it tougher day by day for market players to stay in the spotlight. Hectic schedules, meeting deadlines, encountering the process variations and the defective output coming out of it are the major norms faced by current personnel in industry. Amidst of such firefighting situation, what if a miracle happens i.e.: streamlining all the processes, acknowledging  the machinery breakdown in advance, scheduling the raw material in advance when it reaches to safety point?, updating the audits result in advance, making a dashboard analysis delivering it to corporate level hierarchy on its own?. Would that simplify our needs and take the men at utmost easiness? Indeed, that would be a biggest breakthrough one could ever imagine. So, to address such situations, a technique called “Internet of things” on its way to becoming a stardom.

IOT differs from the conventional way of transferring information in which proprietary information is lodged in the databases and rises to top management after thorough analysis. In IOT, things are directly connected to the interneti.e.: physical objects like sensors and actuators would be working as knights delivering the information necessary to optimize the particular process, beneficial for that particular thing. Or in other words, things wills start talking.

In a survey, 50 billion devices will be a part of internet







connectivity, given below;


Internet has been around for several years now and it is primarily connecting people with the medium of exchanging information or obtaining a concerns over a particular subject. It has eased the man’s life by digitalizing the world in a proficient way. Now, just imagine the same way internet connecting things with each other via same medium, resulting in conveying al the integral notions of subject. Let us have a look on the general examples of how IOT could revolutionize the world.

  • Pill-shapedmicro cameras are helping diagnosing the cause of illness in patients. In addition to it, imagine a heart diseases getting in control by sensor updating the one’s blood pressure, diabetic rate per week rather than person visiting a pharmacist for a particular purpose.
  • Precision farming equipment would change the whole monopoly of how to grow crops, how much ingredients are sufficed to produce particular quantity, which harmful insects are harmful for a crop etc.
  • Continuous monitoring of workplace to avoid any kind of hazard due to machinery breakdown etc., resulting in saving human life and cost associated with failure.
  • All marts would be able to predict the customer buying pattern on the basis of consumer profile, offering a discount portfolio at regular interval to enhance sales.
  • Manufacturing environments, whether continuous or discrete, would be constantly overviewing the integratedsystems, ensuring the sustainability of processes.
  • Some jet airlines are now charging up to the thrust used, thanks to the IOT.
  • Logistics managers and staff can optimize the route for vehicles keeping in account weather and journey concerns.
  • Vehicles like car will notify the owner in advance,in case of any part deteriorating.

Companies can begin experimenting in labs as a pilot run or simulating testing to validate the type of aspect, could be applied in a specific position. Big player’s manager are turning their heads away from the traditional approaches and eyeing on the IOT, which can serve as a strong blue ocean mark, if applied prior to other competitors in market.

Thus, Internet of things corresponds to networks linking data from products & operating environment, generating better information and analysis, which can enhance decision making significantly. IOT has got almost 6 major categories falling in two major domains, briefly shown in a smart art below,


IOT is going to prevail over all the business aspects. We must change ourselves by aligning our company’s strategies as per changing norms now or get ready to be disrupted, resultantly, getting knocked out of the global competition.



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