Harnessing The Power Of Data In Industry

“Our lives revolve around the data” Albert Einstein What comes to one’s mind over the word “Data”? Data is a nucleus of business, a heart of process, blessing in a disguise for any industry seeking leap of improvement & sustainability. Everything around us in the charming universe is either generating data or being put in […]

Why Engineering sector in Pakistan needs a revival?

With the inception of ground breaking inventions ranging from the healthcare to the engineering sector, world has embraced a new face of productivity enhancement. No matter what the area is, efforts are being made to incorporate the new ways of doing things which would add more value compared to the conventional norms being followed by […]

How process improvement can save the organizations from a rainy day?

Every phenomenon in the nature is in constant state of evolution. From the shifting of weatherly times to the oceans melting, each entity is embracing the process shift in its own state. Mankind has been trying to grip these multi-dimensional processes by altering the inputs today for a better output tomorrow, creating an aroma of […]

How to stimulate exports of pakistan industry?

Life is hard. Whether it’s personal effectiveness or business growth, it isn’t a cup of cake to strengthen the balance sheet at a consistent level in the long run. Constant buzzing of competitors, on the market, keeps the managerial board at the brink of hustling. In such scenarios organisations, especially in Pakistan,  must embrace the […]

Agriculture: A Futuristic Insight

The word agriculture comes from the Latin word “ager = soil” & “cultura =cultivation”. Agriculture can be defined as “The cultivation and/or production of crop plants or livestock products.”It plays a critical role in economy of any country, by being a backbone of its economic system. In addition to providing food and raw material, agriculture also […]

Business Process Optimization: Blessing in a Disguise for Pakistan

With an ending of craftsmanship era, human interaction along subsequent machinery has started making tides in increasing the productivity to meet customer demands. History testify that many big companies emerge out of small business owners like Bata & Toyota. So, why is there always a pursuit of improvement at the global level among industries at […]

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