No country in the history of the world has ever achieved greatness without focusing on massive revenue generation for its long term growth. Either it be through exports or tourism, emphasis has always been to churn in in more dollars which can lead to the massive GDP heights in the long run. Pakistan’s industry has […]

Why benchmarking is a Turkish coffee for Pakistan industries?

Business benchmarking and essence of Turkish coffee have very much in common. It is written in the golden books of history that when Turkish coffee was embraced by Ottoman Empire than chaos broke out. By enabling the establishment of cafes throughout an empire. Emperor provided an opportunity to rebels and revolutionary minds to be on […]

How SME’s businesses can move their cheese?

Unfortunately, most of traditional businesses regard competition as great ill luck. Competition is often regarded as a cheese which must not be used in savoring the delight of business. In doing so, we often forget that if it wasn’t for competition, than there would be no Apple or Samsung, Mercedes or BMW etc. Thus, when […]

Where Pakistan Leather Industry stands amidst CPEC project ?

Amidst of the CPEC project  hype in Pakistan, measures are in a row to analyse the LEATHER industry future stature in the subjected country. Indeed it will give birth to the spectacular competition among the associated countries, following collaborative industrial benchmarks. Long gone are the days, when the customer had a tolerance level regarding quality […]

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