Why benchmarking is a Turkish coffee for Pakistan industries?

Business benchmarking and essence of Turkish coffee have very much in common. It is written in the golden books of history that when Turkish coffee was embraced by Ottoman Empire than chaos broke out. By enabling the establishment of cafes throughout an empire. Emperor provided an opportunity to rebels and revolutionary minds to be on […]

Why Personal Development is Necessary for Success?

Have you ever wonder, what the world would look like if we had no measures to evaluate the credibility/ skill level of a person in a professional life. In such hypothetical world, those who do not grind for personal development would surely have enjoyed a luxury of never being held accountable, either in job or […]

Theory of Constraints: Simplified

THEORY OF CONSTRAINTS It is a problem solving process which focuses on the elimination or streamlining of weakest link in the chain of processes. Usually the weakest link is constraining itself. The beauty of theory of constraints lies in a fundamental, stated as, “Overall process cannot be improved without entertaining the weakest link first”. It […]

Disruption: At the Doorstep

  The world has been taken by storm in aspect of globalization. Many Giants are taking over the shares of Wall-street like a honey bee getting drugged in magnificent boulevard. Many Startups are trying, too, to get recognition in their early stages by big titans, which would ultimately result in the surge of share price. […]

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