Big Data: Hike in Industrial Manufacturing

In the last two decades, many manufacturers around the world have enjoyed a surge in the profit bottom-line through the implementation of Lean Six Sigma initiatives within their systems. Although, many get benefitted with the optimization approach, but still some vacuum tend to be left in certain sectors like pharmaceuticals, mining etc. As per the […]

Agriculture: A Futuristic Insight

The word agriculture comes from the Latin word “ager = soil” & “cultura =cultivation”. Agriculture can be defined as “The cultivation and/or production of crop plants or livestock products.”It plays a critical role in economy of any country, by being a backbone of its economic system. In addition to providing food and raw material, agriculture also […]

Coping Big Data with disruptive digitization

“Our world revolves around the data” Albert Einstein From the early stages of civilization to achieving the current epitomical state in almost every field, man has been constantly eyeing towards the future. The quench for assimilating more by keeping innovation at parallel pace has been one of the greatest suit of mankind. Though, one interesting […]

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