How to solve any Daily Life problem with DMAIC?

Have you ever wonder, why sometime life seems to be so complicated, or a general task at a job is deemed as burdensome, resulting in a provenance of depression state? If yes, than trust me, you have come to a write niche. In this article we will be looking over a universal equation, demystifying which we can achieve a stupendous result, no matter what the activity is. All you have to do is to engrave this quotation I your mind “What goes around, comes around).

Let us just immerse into an essence of a wonder-land, interpreting the following equation;

y = f (x)


y = Output

x = inputs

f = A transforming function concerting inputs into desired outputs.


Yes, that’s it. It surely does not include any kind of derivation or plethora of algorithms to play with.  It is just a simple equation, governing our whole lives & an entire functions of earth’s entities.  We will discuss an entire scenario with the help of this equation & DMAIC philosophy, so that reader may get a clear idea of writer’s point.


Define Phase

Problem Statement


Suppose every time, you get 5-10 minutes late to reach the office and have to bear some harsh looks of your officials. You are in constant state of bewilderment & want to improve theses confidence shattering variables. All you have to do is to BE TRUE to yourself & perform the following activity, in order to identify a potential solution


From above scenario, subjected equation can be written as;

Y = f(x)

You just have to find out the potential X’s (inputs) befalling this situation. So, it can be written as;

Getting late to reach office =f (Which factors are contributing to our output?)

Measure Phase

List out all the possible reasons due to which you get late in the morning





Now, we must be cautious that, while inputs are putting in efforts to attain outputs, there always come some naysayers or (external factors) which play a significant role in meeting our objectives.


  • Controllable factors refers to the variable which can be controlled as per our own will. Example: Getting out of bed early in the morning, pressing suit & polishing shoes for morning’s meeting. These factors are basically deponent on our will.


  • Noise factors are these variable, which cannot be controlled by us & possess natural variation. Example: Struck in traffic, suiting messed up due to weather.


Now identify the controllable & noise factors, keeping in view the above diagram.


Improve Phase


Now, all you have to do is to obtain an optimal settings of possible controllable factors & devise a corrective plan in case of noise factors comes in.

With the help of equation, we can write it as;

Y = f(x)

Our desired state is = y = reaching office on time

Our input variables = X’s = (x1, x2, x3, x4, x5)

X1 = PRESSING SUIT & Polishing shoes in advance at night

X2 = Ensuring the fuel meter & car heath at night

X3 = ensuring the availability of breakfast ingredients

X4 = Holding all the proper documents in one briefcase

X5 =Getting up early & going for a walk


Thus, after getting done with optimal settings of desired X’s, now make a note for noise one’s. For example;


  • If car battery runs out on the way to office, have an uber & maintenance personnel app in your phone , to go to office via uber & handing over the car to concerned department
  • If you are stuck in traffic, than devise an alterative route plan for reaching to office, keeping in account total distance between residence & office area.
  • ALWAYS try to leave your home 15 minutes earlier than an expected tie to encounter any discrepancy in a better manner rather than frustrated mind.
  • If ALARM didn’t wake you up for 2 or three days a an appropriate time, than you better spend some bucks to have a new one (PROACTIVE Approach)


Control Phase


After listing out all the factors (controllable & noise), measure your time of reaching an office & plot it on run chart to see an overall trend.


Any Problem can be solved with DMAIC methodology in conjugation with y = f(x) approach. You may try it for yourself in any aspect from studying hard to gaining muscles in gym.

All you have to do is to find an optimal setting of controllable factors to generate an optimal output.


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