How SME’s businesses can move their cheese?

Unfortunately, most of traditional businesses regard competition as great ill luck. Competition is often regarded as a cheese which must not be used in savoring the delight of business. In doing so, we often forget that if it wasn’t for competition, than there would be no Apple or Samsung, Mercedes or BMW etc. Thus, when a company maps its place with respect to the local arena and global zone, than measures become clear following which anticipated vision can be achieved.

In the book, “WHO MOVED MY CHEESE”, author explains the difference between two kinds of mindset. One is always of the view that if we would leave our territory, than a great misfortune will strike but the other (mindset) is always ready to seek the new adventures by going far and far away. Let us crack history to explain it further; In ancient time, in Europe, Earls(small territory kings) commanded the territories . Earls usually made the decision where they would sail the current year to steal goods and foods.

In one season, Earl was challenged by an enthusiast Ragnar Laathbrok, he was of the view that West lands are full of riches and we must sail there but Earl turned him down by saying that “You are misguiding others, as there is no land in west but an end of an earth”. So, Ragnar sailed himself with a small crew and brought back many riches. After that, RAGNAR became an Earl of that territory.

What did we learn from the story? Never worry about going against the norms, by following the complex paradigm. It is a massive topic in itself but we will be covering the following essentials for SME’s business, who want to move their cheese.

  • Online Presence
  • International Seminars
  • Train your army

Online Presence

Globally, many companies have doing business without having a WEBSITE. Pardon us, but the time standing at our doorstep is going to drain business pockets, if they won’t comply with the changing industrial parameters. Whether you are a product or service provider, having a great website in line is as essential to the business as air is to the human.

As Bill gates said,

“A business without website, is not really a business”

According to a US latest survey, companies don’t have a website due to the following reasons,

Make sure you are not making one of these excuses.


International Presence/Seminars

Most of the businesses die after couple of years because of unavailability of long terms perspective. If a company is not eyeing at the global market and only trying to be content with the local market share than it will soon  be overrun by an aggressive competitor. Every  SME must strive to have their businesses associations at the global level.


Similarly, International associations accept the business research paper all over the world. If an organization can make sure an active participation in this aspect (from their employees), than global market doors can be opened for business. Thus, culture of motivating the staff to go for it, must be established. One can get many businesses all over the world by merely showing up there. Infact to secure a seat as a presenter is  a great way to advocate your business to a whole audience, as compared to the one to one selling.

Train your army

In my view, employees are like an army, working under the direct command of Generals (Top management). Employees are your workforces, who will serve as a ballista or catapult at the time of war (in market). If your employees will be well trained under the harmony culture, there will be no stopping you. It will impart confidence in them of high altitude.

Referencing to an ancient times, every king used to fear the Gengehz khan’s army. They believed he was son of Satan. But in reality he did a very hard work to train his army for the ultra-catastrophic situation, unlike others.

According to management library, trainings ranging from soft skills to technical skills can be beneficial for a workforce in the long run.


Embrace Global Practices

Many businesses are filing for bankruptcy chapters all over the world. It has been evident from the history, whenever any tough time prevails, many gladiators bite the dust while others thrive under the same umbrella. Efforts must be made to study the practices embraced by those who thrive, even under the recession.

Common businesses practices like benchmarking can help in deciphering the code of excellence, no matter what the sector is. In order to contemplate the subject, look at the diagram, below which has been crafted from our latest published research paper, describing the mechanism following which SME can make a dent.


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