Why Personal Development is Necessary for Success?

Have you ever wonder, what the world would look like if we had no measures to evaluate the credibility/ skill level of a person in a professional life. In such hypothetical world, those who do not grind for personal development would surely have enjoyed a luxury of never being held accountable, either in job or self-aspect.  It would be a state of chaos, in which everyone would have claimed to be subject GURU without being scrutinised in the light of mapped out notions encompassing; life skills, leadership skills, communication skills, etc.


But the truth is, we are living in a different progressive world, which relates the daily value addition in direct proportion to the long run success in life. It can be stated as;

“You will reap tomorrow, what you gonna sow today.”

The most valuable tool, which one can use to leverage his network & professional life is personal development. By investing in oneself, vague doors of opportunities can be opened. With the concept of automation & Artificial Intelligence taking over, future will belong to those who can think out of the box. Due to the productivity highly dependence over robotic domain, interpersonal & Intrapersonal skills will be in most demand in an upcoming era.


Long gone are the days, when mere solid degrees on portfolio could have landed one a lucrative job. With the escalation in modern globalisation, companies require personnel with a strong soft & hard skills. They want to have risk takers & creative thinkers on board. It has been scientifically proven that 85% of success, in life, is attributed to the life skills.


According to a recently published report, almost half of the Chinese billionaires didn’t go to university. It means they groomed themselves regarding self-education rather than relying on formal content. From being a good public speaker to having a firm grip over managing people, are some of the strong suits of such business legends.


Now the question is, amidst of such hype & ambiguity, which measures one can take to embark on the journey of self-discovery & development?
Well, in my view, firstly one need to embrace the mental paradigm shift that what got you from A to B, would not take you from B to C. To have a better understanding of this statement; just answer the following questions wholeheartedly;


•    Are You Satisfied with the current version of yourself regarding personal development?
•    How many books do you have on your side table?
•    To how many networking sessions you have been to, in last two months?
•    Do you have a stage freight?
•    Are you satisfied with the amount of work you are putting into nail aim in life?
•    Do you have a mentor in life, whom you look up to for advice?
•    Overall rate yourself, regarding soft &life skills out of 10?
•    What approach do you take in job/business; “What am I getting” or “What am I becoming?”
•    How many minutes have you invested, daily, regarding value addition?
•    How many have training/development sessions you taken in last two months?

Probe yourself in the light of these question & wait up for next pertinent article. For now, would like to summarise it with famous quote;

“Formal Education will give you a living, while self-education will make you a fortune.”

P.S: In next article of personal development, we will have a look at the points as mentioned above.

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