Origin of Lean Six Sigma


Lean Six Sigma is a business process excellence methodology which focuses on streamlining the efficiency and effectiveness of a system. As a matter of fact, a dumb process cannot produce quality products, it tends to lessen the time required to produce certain output by enhancing the quality of outgoing apple. Thus, the origin of six sigma tends to address this issue. A simple diagram is depicting a particular relation,

Screenshot (548)


History of Lean Six Sigma

Folks new to LSS often get bemused of how to apply the sophisticated tools and techniques I real time scenario resulting n messing up with the true essence of subject. Before jumping in to execution the application, one must understand the generic reality of technique. Let us throw a light at the brief history of LSS.

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Since 1999, origin of lean six sigma is working as a blessing in a disguise for big players as well as SME’s in the global industry.


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