Industrial Engineering: A Drive towards Excellence

The trend of the engineering world is shifting at a great paradigm. Everything is losing its basic preliminary value and is being customized on the road of betterment. Now, such innovation is led by curiosity, which has been an inborn trait of humans. To name a systematic approach of following a continuous improvement, I would kindheartedly endorse the industrial engineering phenomenon.

Industrial engineering

Industrial engineering is a hybrid degree comprising a numerous dimensions ranging from mechanical degree to the supply chain management. The fact I mentioned engineering to man agent to disseminate the importance of this degree that it covers multiple diversities. Thus, it can be said that “Industrial engineering is concerned with designing and improving work system by take g into account the human, cost, product, materials, information’s etc. aspects”.

Industrial engineering covers three main disciplines, i.e.: Six sigma, TOE, Lean management, which serves an s an umbrella and take multiple factors piled in them. In one picture, cited from an article by “Jan Košturiak”, it can be depicted as;

Screenshot (569)

It is indefinitely clear now that the ultimate boss (Customer) wants a reliable and cost-effective product and this cycle can be achieved by implying these leveraging techniques in an organization.

The philosophy of industrial engineering also comes into a play in ergonomically and HSE concerns leading to the initiation of going green era. Basically, in most of the underdeveloped countries, it is still a myth that how can industrial engineering be any good for us?, When we got a number of mechanical engineering for tackling with the mechanical stuff and electrical, civil engineers for resolving the concerned issues. The answer to this question lies in the definition of IE itself, designing and improving. It means that the job of an industrial engineer is to design and improve the viability, decorum and integration of system in any enterprise.

History is evident that the continuous improvement is the ultimate reason of our today’s perquisite lives.It is because of the unprecedented  miracles of man-kind in the field of betterment, which made it possible. Let us take a small but turning example of automobile industry manufacturing in which the concept of craft production and mass production was practiced. Then came a man with vision, Henry Ford, who enlightened d the world by the phenomenon of “Assembly line”. Simply by using a motor for daring the belt, he managed to cut the cost of production and hit a revenue of $2Billion dollars. This concept was than exercised by all manufacturers in the world. Similarly, techniques like six sigma introduced by Motorola and Kaizen, introduced by Toyota are the prestigious examples of industrial engineering or I may say “Optimization engineering”.

In addition to it,regarding future aspects, continuous improvement in this filed is introducing many new techniques which are making some real strides in the field of bench marking and market competitiveness. Likewise, value stream mapping and strategic planning are also the benefactor of I.E.  Many books are being published which are a great source of information and acknowledgement to the world regarding optimization in several aspects.

Thus, it is call of the time that every industry must accept the fate destined for industrial engineering that it will is prevailing in the whole world industry and becoming the behemoth of time. Every industry whether SME’S or corporations, are looking ways for cutting the cost and ultimately increasing profits. This job being done by the industrial engineers in today’s world is  entitled as; Quality manager, HSE manager, supply chain manager, process optimization consultants, industrial and manufacturing engineers, auditors, innovators, business managers etc.



At the end, I would like to conclude it by saying that industrial engineering in indeed an epitome in itself. It must be understood in every organization that by adopting such techniques and hiring relevant talent, the table-side can be turned and good fortune can be befallen over the concerned domain.



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