Industrial Benchmarking: Demystified

It has been a trait of mankind to constantly seek a better way of doing things. From an ancient times to today’s technological hype, no one really seems to be contented, when it comes to managing process in business industry. Amidst of massive inventions & demystified advancements, a trait following which many modern continuous improvement came into play is called “Benchmarking”.

Though, there is a lot of hype regarding Blue Ocean Strategy content, while negating the subjected option. It has even proven from the golden books of history that benchmarking did result in many industrial utilization era. For example: When Toyota’s party visited Ford plant, than LEAN & Kanban systems came into play. Similarly, BOS does involve the concept of it, by seeking the untapped market while working on CURRENT PARAMETERS against world class.

The need is to enlighten ourselves with a positive impact of subject. What revolution can we cast, especially for underdeveloped countries, by practicing a collaborative benchmarking programs?. It is a need of the time to heed our attention towards the global shifting trends, which can initiate a recession period in under-developed countries, if conventional tools and techniques are not replaced with the gowning mindset.

It is defined as “Benchmarking is the process of looking at a system and applying some or all of its concepts to another system. “


Let us have a look at two basic entities associated with the subject.

Blue Sky Benchmarking

It is all about answering “What If” question while analyzing the current processes or parameters.

  • What If technology is not constraining, how current process will look like?
  • What If money is not constraint, how current process will look like?
  • What If, being in Ideal World, the process operates at fullest? What parameters will than be followed?
  • What If we had an opportunity to be market leader, at what level our system will be working?

Basically it is all about anticipating a future state to make changes in current one by competing against the equal players but eyeing at world-class.

Walt Disney was well known for showing any carnival company exactly how Disneyland was set up and operated. One day, after being criticized for this, Walt said, “I hope they copy me. That way as I create new things, they will always be playing catch-up, while I have the newest and greatest.”

It is not about copying each other but, all about continuous improvement mindset by not reinventing the wheel paradigm. Benchamrking can take many shades from personal’s benchamrk entity to industrial processes, systems, personnel ones.

How to Benchmark

To get started with any typical benchmarking process, below are the some guidelines which can be tailored as per the encountered scenario.


  • Map out the current process state of system/process
  • Look for an improvement opportunities
  • Brainstorm Ideas
  • Have any outclass consultant in board (if necessary)
  • Investigate how others have made it to being a market leader through TRIZ philosophy
  • Develop plans & committee to execute action
  • Ensure pilot testing before getting started with whole level
  • Initiate & keep it under SPC check sheet for through monitoring.


“In the End, Either We Change or Lose”

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