How to stand out on social media as an entrepreneur

The only thing constant, in the world of business, is change. Today with the massive inventory of social media at hand, entrepreneurs are changing the conventional way of doing things. From being a blunt marketer to pitching an idea to the potential prospect, social media tools have got everything covered in 2017. Amidst the hype of networking & branding, one factor which dictates either one is going to make it on social world or not as an entrepreneur is self-awareness. Without knowing what value are you bringing on the table for the pool of your followers or fiends, making a dent in the competitive arena would become a question mark itself. Thus, let us begin by discussing the power of self-awareness in brand equity, followed by the 21st century armory deployment at a right time in a right place.

Brand equity is the power of retention of one’s brand. How well people remember you in the market can decide a stroke of fortune in life. By segmenting the strengths & weaknesses of an organization or startup, social media strategy can be broken down in a simple notions

  • What are you bringing for the end consumer?
  • Who is your target customer?
  • Wat do you want to be a known for?
  • What are your unique selling propositions?
  • What medium best conveys your niche in the market?
  • What problem are you trying to solve?
  • How many people are going to be impacted by your journey?
  • What value can outshine you in the red ocean market?
  • Do you want to be the time teller or a clock builder?
  • Are you seeking mere money or want to build a legacy institutions for generations to come?


These are some of the common & basic questions to get started with in clearing your roadmap. Historically, many prominent figures have been known for their brand equity. From Alexander the great to the Ceaser of Rome, individual’s brand have been persuading people towards common cause since the inception of this earth. Thus, in the today’s world of hyper connectivity & mobility, to be an influencer you got to have sting command over a particular subject like a gladiator have in swordsmanship in arena.

Content type & Social Media Channels

Following the adoption of brand equity factors & mapping out the possible outcomes, now comes the channels suitable for bridging the gap between a brand & potential league of followers. Multiple platforms are available today in social media world to get your message out there but we gonna cover the simple yet powerful one’s here.


Long gone are the days when people tend to focus over the pages of newspaper. Blogging has been taking over the world for last 1 decade with a higher pace than ever. With the integration pf google AdSense many companies are getting bucks out of online channel by putting out the valuable content.

Whether you are a real estate agent or a social media marketing guru, this tool can help you in building the best in class profile along the loyal steams of followers subscribe to the weekly newsletter.


Content is king. If you don’t like writing ling posts for your brand than go for the vloggng & short videos stuff acknowledging the people how you can ultimately benefit their daily lives or businesses. Many influences on the social media like Gary vaynerchunk & Grand cardone have been deploying this one in asking their brands to the next level. So bucket up & go for it. Periscope & going live on different channels is in the wake of this clause.


From written medium to the audio one, any kind of value added stuff can be reciprocated over the web server. Go for discussing the conventional norms & changing parameters regarding your particular industry and float it on the server. From Facebook to the twitter every single medium supports the sharing of such stuff.

These are the three kinds of content you can go for Writing, video, audio are the main streams & you ca surely channel it out via multiple platforms such as;

  • Facebook (Join groups & share content)
  • LinkedIn (Build professional acquaintances)
  • Twitter (Stay aware about the trends in industry)
  • Instagram (Showcasing your work portfolio)
  • Snapchat (Building a classroom like audience)



The world is embracing the notion “CHANGE OR DIE”. Parallel to put in the effort of scaling the business, branding can give you a cutting edge in the market.




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