How Future Leaders Conference took Multan by storm?

In an ancient times, there was a poor couple who used to live in a small house. Surprisingly, a man would spend his whole day reading books & history while woman used to work for some money. One day after getting tired, woman said to him “Why do you always keep reading these junk books who haven’t given you anything ever? Why don’t you go outside and do something productive, so that we can get out of this poverty”. A man listened to her patiently, closed the book, stood up & went into the market. He asked a passerby “Who is the richest man in this city?” The stranger looked at him astonishing & said “Are you new to this town? Everybody knows the richest man’s place is just aside the market glittering with golden tiles”. The poor man went to his home & entered his drawing room. Fortunately, richest Sultan was sitting there with his friends. The poor man said, “O Sultan, the richest of all times, I want you to lend me 10,000 dirhams & I will pay you back within two years in future”. Sultan looked at him & smiled while asking his servant to hand him over the asked money. Poor man took the money & left. Sultan’s friends laughed and asked him, about the reason for giving such a big amount to the man, who, by appearance, can never repay it to him? Sultan smiled & said “There is a reason am the richest man of all. That poor person indeed looked too minor to pay back the amount but the way he spoke to me & calmness & confidence in his tone is an indication of strong wisdom & clarity. I hope my investment will not go in vain”. It has been said that after two years, the poor man returned the Sultan’s amount & became one of the prominent merchants of that time.

What is the moral of this story? It is; “wisdom in the scrolls and golden books of history can reignite the passion & give tremendous calmness to execute any work.” A poor man invested his time in going through all the greatest triumphs and the secret of mastering oneself. That’s why he was very calm when he stood in front of the richest man. As a famous philosopher has said,


“Formal education will give you a living but self-education will give you a fortune”

Being an entrepreneur and hailing from Multan, has always instilled in me a passion for doing something big & than give back to the society. After going through student & jobian era, entrepreneurship has blessed me in many ways. Thus, it has been a constant matter of tough for me of how to give back to the society keeping in view the company’s CSR.

Keeping such daunting factor into an account, it is my pleasure to acknowledge you that, to materialize this aim, we (Bilal Consultancy Private Limited), in collaboration with Ace Connect, has executed a state of the art subject conference in Multan. The theme of the conference was to integrate the young business professionals & executive with big market players. Students and professional from diversified feels took part in it. Art from discussing the fundamentals of becoming the masters of an upcoming time, the business networking session with a delight high tea created an aroma of excellence.






Participation of 150+ personnel took the whole paradigm to the next level. After this conference, we are getting many queries regarding personal development & soft skills. Many students and professionals want to seek the futuristic disruptive measures to equip themselves with necessary tool & tackles in outweighing a cut-throat red ocean corporate world.

To be honest, when we decided to have this program in South Punjab promises, then we were not expecting this massive response. Almost 60% of conference attendees were young & passionate women, eyeing towards the better future.

Deafened institutes & educational entities are now approaching us for unleashing the customized back to back training sessions for students & teachers. It is a matter of great honor for us to see such conventional stereotypes being broken now in this specific premises.

Last but not the least, the support of our sponsors like Roomi (Mehmood) Group of companies has poured the molten iron on the foundations of this castle. Many other industrials executives are in the wake to further this cause by integrating at 1 platform.






Insha’Allah this is just a beginning. We will be imparting our input in uplifting the community till getting laid to rest.

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