How Coaching Can Unleash The Master Within?

Life, literally, is what you make out of it. It works like the constant mathematical formula, in which inputs X’s determine the final outcome Y. Following this phenomenon, it has been a trait of mankind, since the inception of this earth, to always seek mentorship (X) either in the form of spiritual slogans or typical kingship ensuring long-term security (Y). Amidst of such traditions, pearls of achieving the master stardom have been hidden in the books of history. In this article we will be throwing a light over the perks of having stated objectives accountability, in life, coined as coaching.


It is of no astonishment, that, historians have glorified about the strong crusades & victories of Alexander The Great while creating an aroma of TITAN’s supremacy. From CRIPPLING the Persian Empire to the siege of Tyre, many triumphs have been embedded after the name of great emperor. But what needs to be pondered over, is the fact that, how a young boy transformed himself into one of the greatest conqueror of the world? The answer lies in teaching of his master “Aristotle”.


In the upbringing of Alexander, the teaching of his teacher played a vital role which led him to be the greatest of all. Similar pattern can be observed in the life of Napoleon, General Hannibal to the current legends Tony Robbins, Robert Greene & Elon Musk. Why is it that, having a coach or mentors turned out to be the biggest blessing of all in the life of these masters? The answer lies in following notion;


“Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen.”

Thus, the question is, what exactly is coaching & how does it help in achieving the excellence?

Essence Of Coaching

Coaching is an exquisite form of mentoring, where a coach tends to urge his Coachee to come up with all the possible solutions to an encountered dilemma & helps him achieve the desired outcome in the light of SMART Goals. In today’s world of hyper-connectivity, it is mandatory to have some uplifting people on board. Usually after getting wear down of daily routine & long term vagueness instills a sense of bemusement which leads to depression & similar parasitic niches. It helps in the reinstation of one’s confidence & mental stability when he is listened proactively well with an urge to come up with strong paths to steer himself out of the situation. Some of the strong associated notions are as follow;


  • Coaching takes in the form of one-to-one interaction in which Coachee is the controller of whole session following a Pareto rule with 80% strike in his hand.
  • The essence of coaching comes into play when Coachee drill down his/her encountered issue virtually keeping in account the powerful questions from the coach’s end, resulting in the ignition of desire to achieve the outcome Y by following the mere X’s.
  • Coaching not only helps in dealing with an issue on hand but also facilitate in challenging the belief of Coachee, sometimes.
  • From stretching the preservence level to helping the cache to walk out of comfort zone are some of the benefits of subjected technique.

Apart from oneself grooming, organizational coaching is getting recognition globally. Fortune 500 companies have enhanced the practice of getting their employees coached, ultimately, helping them in the uplifting of their life standards & resolving dire issues. Thus, coaching can help in the following manner;

  • Coaching can help in mapping out the business goals from personal to organizational level while bolstering creativity.
  • Coaching helps a lot in case of change management initiative embraced by any kind of organization. Breaking the barriers if traditional mindset to embarking n new endeavors take guts.
  • Coaching can help in thriving of any organization by making its people (employees) happy at first. Maple Leaf Cement Group in Pakistan is living example of this notion where personnel are treated as a family with utmost care & diligence.



Till yet, I have had an honor to undergo almost 40 coaching sessions with business executives. What I have learned so far is , no matter how intelligent or smart you are, today or tomorrow you are going to be needing a coach who will sharpen the blade of your talent & will forge it with a blazing edge to do the impossible.

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