How business revolution is shaping the future

From the ancient books of history till today’s modern world, business revolution has been making dent ever since. Unfolding the civilization & warfare books will shed a light over the refinement of mankind vision & strategic maneuvers. It is said that one of the greatest conqueror in the world, who forged the shape of new world & dissolve many barriers across different continents was Genghis Khan. Rising from the ashes, he turned out to be the master of his own craft. In his reign, from currency parameters to the calendars issuance, from religion freedom to the extensive business routes, many corporate parameters got formalized. Thus, he shaped the SOP’s of new world (Khan) order by having people from diversified classes & color under one banner. Following the essence of this visionary king, today we are going to cover some business aspects which are undergoing a major transformation.

Traditionally the nature of doing business was somewhat different. Many people used to follow the convention of having massive machinery infused producing the tangible producing the market. Different industries come into play with the progression of centuries, unlocking the ways for hidden potential streams. Comparatively, the nature of business revolution is pacing at a rapid pace than ever. From cloud computation to the digital frameworks, disruption is on its way. Global players like Uber, Amazon, and Alibaba are fueling the business revolution to an ultra-higher level than ever. Taking these factors into an account let us discuss the subjected point in three major aspects.

Social Media

With over 1 billion uses, Facebook holds dominant position in the world of social media. It is no more a hidden truth that Mark Zuckerberg is eyeing towards building a trillion dollar social empire benefiting people across the whole wide world. In terms of social media, the way of doing business is changing. From being a blunt marketer to showcasing a skills portfolio, huge range of users is getting dripped in the fever of posting updates about their businesses, jobs or relationship status. By amassing the tons of data in the smart computers, FB is generating billions of dollars by selling the information to the concerned brads for the target based marketing.

Thus, many online stores & affiliate marketers also steeping in the economical world. By just sitting at a home & acting as a freelancer, many millennial are now inclined toward the idea of freeman ship or 4 hour workweek, as Tim Ferris described it. Likewise, with the excess use of social platforms, customer’s choices & patterns are being changed forcing the manufacturers to go it high mix-low volume entity.

Financial World Revolution

There is a very powerful quote about the money game, which goes by;

“Let us control the financial institutions & we don’t care who males the government”

World has been rotating around the pile of money since its inception. From the elite to the lower class, everybody strives to have a piece of it. One of the current mystery which took place in 21st century is bitcoin & blockvhain concept. By having a virtual currency in a cloud wallet, you can have it exchanged in any world’s current, no matter what. Just imagine, you have an app in the phone & your friend needs money in the other part of the world. Instead of going to the bank & following the prerequisite along hectic procedure, you just hot a button on the app & money is transferred in terms of bitcoin (cryptocurrency). With a flick of hand, bitcoin valued at different price at different time will be sent to the desired destination. From 2010 to 2017, it has seen a huge boom in going from 003 cents to 5000$.

Many bankers are cursing this currency & labeling it as a fad. But what may come, it surely going to be an interesting bate between the old monetary institutions & new crypto hype.

Digital business world

Imagine your business as a car, going in the highway of competition. Many more different models cars are on their way too. What would happen if your competitor has got  a Nitro installed in the engine with the fully customize high horse power engine signaling total consumption & output rate while you are just trying to get ahead of the. Is it possible to beat such competitor who is hanging with respected to the current business revolution parameters? Trust me, it would be difficult.

With the advancement in Industry 4.0 concepts & artificial intelligence, it is mandatory for every business leader to comprehend its essentials ^ ponder how is it going to change the shape of respective business in future, because sooner or later disruption is on its way for all of us.

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