Finding an Optimization Project

The major setback which is faced by industries is in the form of dilemma, deciding which project must be of utmost optimization attention.Such issues create a sense of confusion and often leads to a thinking that LSS is just a myth which cannot be implemented in a real time scenario. One must be aware of the facts that some misleading points can be encountered in the way of finding an effective project.

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In addition to it, it is necessary for an organizations,whether manufacturing or services, to ink their daily processes in light of strategic objectives. Time oriented and measurable objective can be a sigh of relief,when it comes to developing a project charter. Bearing in mind that a system is a composite of processes ,while processes are entities developed on the business metrics. Let us have a look at three basic steps,

Start with an End in mind

  • What does your final deliverable need to look like?
  • What benefits should be reaped by the end of it?

Look at the current state

  • Study and evaluate the current state of process and map out the gap-analysis of certain domain.

Choose the methodology

  • Based on the level of expertise and staff enumerative level, select methodology like; Lean ,Six Sigma etc.


By tuning the optimal configuration of these elements , a strategic driven project can be unearthed.

Lastly, along the analysis of KPI’s in light of visionary objectives,  following are the basic necessities which can lead to fruitful perks for a company.

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You don’t have to wait until the rainy day arrives. You can use common sense in orchestrating a strategy to device a remedy for the problem. Not every LSS tool is applicable in every situation. Though, following the 3 major points can make the project selection easy and getting financial returns ASAP.



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