Engineering&Infrastructure is the outmost concern when it comes to establishing a new business or reinstating the stature if existing one. The time has come to let the chips fall where they may, but after casting a spell of proactive measures. Global players realize that it is cumbersome to redesign the processes or infrastructure after every bunch of years. So, an idea of designing and erecting the building or accessories by keeping in account lean principle is getting heat day by day.

Bilal Consultancy Private Limited is an integrated engineering company operating in Pakistan in the area of Mechanical & Civil. With the conjugation of operation excellence principles along EPC based module delivery services, we are delivering client specific solutions to the worthy Energy, Infrastructure & Process Industry.

With over 20+ years of personnel experience working with big names in the market, solutions like EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning) & turnkey projects lies within the capability of a company. Having a highly skilled personnel with a diversified experience of both national & international market along the spirit of young leaders driving the company towards excellence is a huge distinctive edge of our entity.

From the sugar to the cement sector, our team have been working rigorously to deliver state of the art results. We are also expanding in the domain of Power Solutions, providing power plants operation & maintenance services for thermal & renewable power plant. With a strong allies at our side, we have been able to tackle the behemoth projects under the banner of strategic partnership.

One of our unique selling proposition which has given us blue ocean strategical edge in the market is “Complete Project Documentation against the stated KPI’s”. Whether we fabricate a bin or erect a plant, complete documented report is submitted weekly to our worthy client encompassing every single detail regarding the execution of particular subject. From usage of material to the strong problem solving analysis, we provide effective documentary for the future references. Not only we have achieved waste reduction in EPC projects through the implementation of excellence techniques like LEAN SIX SIGMA, but also have disseminated the essentials of having these disruptive measures on board to our clientele.

Mechanical services
Fabrication & Erection Entity

From the mechanical fabrication content to the commissioning one, we deploy the best in class services for the execution of project

33% of projects failed due to improper planning, absence of strategic driven goals which sows the seed of dwindling future.
Thus, taking into an account of catering such needs, we have got experts in the following domain too,
• Erection and commissioning
• Structure Fabrication
• Boiler and Turbine expertise
• Process Engineering
• Engineer I Procure I Construct
• Project Management
• Tanks & Piping Modules
• Insulation & Painting Modules
• EPCC Services Package
• Power Plants (O&M)
• Transportations, Installation, Storage Services
• Basic & Detailed Engineering Procurement & Services

Mechanical Turbine & Boilers

We have significant knowledge and expertise in power turbine & boilers.
Our professional staff knows your need fully from machine driver to power generation and can provide full range of services such as,
• Design & Engineering
• Fabrication
• Quality Control
• Commissioning
• O&M Services

Power Plants Engineering Services
With over 20+ years of personnel experience, we are honored to be stepping into the new paradigm of POWER PLANTS. From traditional to the renewable POWER stream, we provide complete package of services ranging from feasibility mapping to the commissioning content.
Some of the modules are;

• Complete feasibility & design consultancy
• Complete Mechanical & Civil engineering package
• Operations & Miantenance Services

Magnetic separation and metal detection

We can offer a customized solution specifically for your application. You can also get technical advice on how to choose the best magnetic separation solution for your application.
• One of the biggest problem in the food industry is metal contamination, leading to food manufacturers, to ensure their product is clean.
• For this purpose, we can offer standard and purpose made equipment to the food, sugar, pharmaceutical and cement industries.
Our aim is to help you reach metal separation goals.
If you need any extra information, please contact.

Waste Water Treatment Plants
We believe that every business who have very much consumption of water should have a waste water plant.
We can design the system in three phase
• Primary Treatment
• Secondary Treatment
• Tertiary Treatment
In order to face the global population challenges and expected growth to 10billions in 2050. This demands to keep farmers to grow food more farming efficiently.
However it is our objective to re-use water to save water and beautiful nature.

Civil Services
Infrastructure Planning & Designing

• To make a positive contribution to the nation, infrastructure is important to our future success and plays a critical role in creating and enhancing sustainability.
• We are specialize in providing the services across the entire professional landscaping and infrastructure of roads, commercial buildings, renovation and residential area.
• From the residential to the commercial level projects, we can serve you as a complete guide in getting your project off the ground in an optimal cost & time.

Electrical Services

Advance Power Electric Utilities

• Today we have a big challenge like how to establish awareness to operate more efficiently. National energy strategies drive the public to lower their consumption, utilities, revenue streams are feeling the crunch and they need to operate more efficiently than ever to stay profitable.
• Use accept it as a big challenge and ensure that business model innovation keeps pace with new technology.
Process engineering

We are expert in designing, operation and optimization in process engineering.
Following are our range,
• Design work of process engineering
• Process flow diagram (PFD)
• Process storage equipment.
• Piping and structure
• Piping and instrument design (P&ID)
• Involvement of other engineering disciplines
• Cost estimations
• Schedule for the completion, commissioning and startup.

“We can help to build a better working world for you”

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