Disruption: At the Doorstep


The world has been taken by storm in aspect of globalization. Many Giants are taking over the shares of Wall-street like a honey bee getting drugged in magnificent boulevard. Many Startups are trying, too, to get recognition in their early stages by big titans, which would ultimately result in the surge of share price.

Power of Change

The article entails some fascinating facts with respect to the power of change, at right time

1) Have you ever wondered, how all the ultra-multinationals are running their supply chain in a splendid manner? Answer lies in two words “Change Integration”. Yes, just check out the picture below, and you will be amazed to see the number of brands falling under an umbrella of each titan.


2) Similarly, in Tech industry, a quotes goes by as “Disrupt what appears to be your rival”. A smart and splendid approach mad by Facebook in an attempt to shatter the Snap-chat uniqueness(Short-stories). Now Instagram, owned by Mark Zuckerberg , has also introduced the same feature. Let’s see who breezed away with the duel,FIRST.

3) Change power can not be suppressed. From an ancient times till yet, mankind is constantly looking for more leisure and recreational spectrum.  In this aspect, one major thing is to study the pattern ,derived by Michael Dell. Customers getting a laptop, while sitting at home is a major fundamental being adopted by the other industrial sector.

4) A race to shift towards the renewable aspect is also making automobile sector going frenzy. In a battle of going green, now Mercedes has unveiled its concept against the automobile titan “Elon Musk: Indeed that would be a “Clash of titans”, a great series to watch.

5) When it comes to the adaptability of change and awareness with respect to the global patterns, Wifigen of Pakistan’s Entrepreneur while Hike of India’s is worth mentioning. In a short period of time, they have made their way to the Million dollar mark.

6) Change has also brought some big names to their knees, who were once perceived as impenetrable.  Jim Collins has described in his book “How the Might fall”, that, whenever people begin to overestimate their merits, they get collapsed. From Napoleon, who is regarded as a greatest strategist of all time, to Blackberry “once a mobile phone leader industry, the law applies in each aspect.

7) Referring to the power of changing the strategies marks, Sun Tzu, in his book “The Art of War, has describes that an army which triumphs in the battlefield with a least blood-shield (i.e.: a company, which follows an untapped customer market rather than being trapped in red ocean, will amass a fortune) is worth mentioning in the golden books of History.



“Be a Disruptor, or get ready to be Disrupted”


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