Disrupting the conventional engineering paradigm in Pakistan

In 1977, President of Digital Equipment Corporation, a pioneer computer company, said, “”There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their homes””. Astonishingly, that company does not exist anymore. Alike internet, computer paradox had given an inferior thoughts by many great minds of 90’s but today our world is being forged by the hyper-connectivity notion. Thus, the takeaway from this note is pertinent to the inception of evolution in every single domain of life. From intangible to the tangible engineering products, embracing the change is the only vital option to thrive & survive in an upcoming era.

Engineering projects ranging from a mere planning or construction phase to the fabrication/erection modules requires a tons of hard work & hustle. It not only involves the challenging tasks of attaining the deadline but an optimal utilization of resources is also another concern. From constructing building as a draft man to deploying 3D techniques in the subject execution, has revolutionized this field at a higher paradigm. Many disrupting companies are now adopting cost saving techniques in the light of strict project documentation to have a cutting edge in the market, which is full of red ocean sharks. Delivering a quality engineering output at an optimal cost & minimum time ha become a standardized benchmark for corporates in bidding or allocating the tenders/projects, especially in an under-developed countries. Keeping in view these points, let’s have a look over the subject application & bottlenecks.

Pakistan hold a dominant position among Muslim countries due to multiple reasons, apart from being a nuclear power. It has been blessed with best weatherly & minerals riches from Punjab to all over Baluchistan. In the light of recent events, CPEC inception has given its economy an injection of more than $50 billion dollars. From china border to all the way port qasim, a web of roads & bridges is in roll to pave its way to the stardom. But amidst all these hypes, what impact would it cause on businesses in Pakistan is a topic which requires tremendous limelight. In this post, we will be merely shedding a light over the engineering (construction/fabrication) sector companies in Pakistan & their mode of work execution, keeping in an account personal experiences.

Being an Industrial Engineer & having an honor to work with diversified companies, one the eve of 8th August 2016, we launched an engineering contractor & training company in Multan, Pakistan. Our team is comprised of young professional & enthusiasts looking forward to deliver the out of the quality to the respected clientele. Although we had a passion to instill a change but the market situation taught us a huge lessons, summarized in the following three points;

  1. Conventional contractors are not ready to embrace the young blood coming in this particular field or embrace the new cost saving techniques like lean, six sigma in their engineering projects.
  2. Fresh entrants are questioned about their credibility in comparison to the conventional measures rather than current disrupting trends.
  3. High productivity vacuum is present in this field which requires an utmost attention, keeping in view the best in class tools & techniques. From quality parameters to the mere documentation of resources utilization against KPI’s, many loopholes can be entertained with the strong in-line communications between concerned parties.

Instilling Change in Engineering Sector

When we came across these bottom-line issues in the market, than we begin to ponder over the fact of creating a blue ocean strategical mark in the engineering projects domain & we attained it by altering the following equation.


Y = f (x)

By keeping the process (f) same while raising the quality bar, and deploying a statistical/documentary inputs along other basic content, best in class output at the rate of optimal resources utilization is achieved.

Thus, by executing the best in class practices & having a team of energetic personnel from a big players in the market on board we are now on our way to disrupt the conventional engineering paradigm in Pakistan. For the reference, below is a data summarized image form one of our running entity at our client’s site showing the amount of work done against the respective codes.

In code A only 32 tons of metal fabrication work is done but in code B (same amount f time) 77 tons is achieved. It is just a snapshot of one of our multiple productivity enhancement activities. FYI, the B code statistics were achieved by doing the problem solving with an adoption of DMAIC methodology.

When it comes to the real time execution, than it is manadatory for any company to lessen the ongoing expenses & waste modules in order to beat the competition. Following the paradig, many Industrial groups have endorsed our unique documentation & thorough KPI’s analysis effort in terms of disrupting the conventional contractorship, till yet.


The time has come to embed a mark on earth crust by creating an ultimate value for the end-consumer.

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