M/S BILAL CONSULTANCY PRIVATE LIMITED ARE PROUD TO LAUNCH COMPREHENSIVE CERTIFIED LEAN SIX SIGMA BLACK BELT TRAINING IN LAHORE (PAKISTAN). Bilal Consultancy Private Limited has signed partnership with International Lean Six Sigma Institute to offer comprehensive Lean Six Sigma trainings in Pakistan. Our participants will get following benefits; Internationally accredited certificate form ILSSI England Lifetime […]


No country in the history of the world has ever achieved greatness without focusing on massive revenue generation for its long term growth. Either it be through exports or tourism, emphasis has always been to churn in in more dollars which can lead to the massive GDP heights in the long run. Pakistan’s industry has […]

Why Awarding Business On Price Tag Alone Is The Bad Idea?

Cash flow is the king variable, when it comes to streamlining business operations. This is why many companies guard it as a sacred notion while formulating business strategies. Although it is necessary to lessen the extent and type of expenditure across the corporate but it must be not be done at the cost of quality. […]

Why embracing 4th industrial revolution is wrong hotcake for Pakistan’s SME’s?

Technological advancements related to 4th industrial revolution has become a talk of the town these days. Although, it is a need of the time for the big players globally to pave a path for embracing these concepts by practical embedding them into their mega corporations. But when it comes to the small to medium enterprises […]

How SME’s businesses can move their cheese?

Unfortunately, most of traditional businesses regard competition as great ill luck. Competition is often regarded as a cheese which must not be used in savoring the delight of business. In doing so, we often forget that if it wasn’t for competition, than there would be no Apple or Samsung, Mercedes or BMW etc. Thus, when […]

Importance Of Business Empowerment From History

Empowerment is the supreme thing, which nature has bestowed mankind with. He who rules over an empire gets a real taste it by exercising the empowerment phenomenon across the corporate. I have been always prone to the ancient time and great conquerors and found that from Hannibal to Genghis khan, all possessed great characteristics to […]

How Future Leaders Conference took Multan by storm?

In an ancient times, there was a poor couple who used to live in a small house. Surprisingly, a man would spend his whole day reading books & history while woman used to work for some money. One day after getting tired, woman said to him “Why do you always keep reading these junk books […]

How Coaching Can Unleash The Master Within?

Life, literally, is what you make out of it. It works like the constant mathematical formula, in which inputs X’s determine the final outcome Y. Following this phenomenon, it has been a trait of mankind, since the inception of this earth, to always seek mentorship (X) either in the form of spiritual slogans or typical […]

Why Personal Development is Necessary for Success?

Have you ever wonder, what the world would look like if we had no measures to evaluate the credibility/ skill level of a person in a professional life. In such hypothetical world, those who do not grind for personal development would surely have enjoyed a luxury of never being held accountable, either in job or […]

Theory of Constraints: Simplified

THEORY OF CONSTRAINTS It is a problem solving process which focuses on the elimination or streamlining of weakest link in the chain of processes. Usually the weakest link is constraining itself. The beauty of theory of constraints lies in a fundamental, stated as, “Overall process cannot be improved without entertaining the weakest link first”. It […]

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