Best Lean Six Sigma Training Company in Pakistan

Bilal Consultancy Limited is proud to be the fastest-growing Lean Six Sigma training and consulting company in Pakistan. In addition to it, it has a strong presence in England and Oman. Our team has achieved many great milestones in terms of training 3500+ Lean Six Sigma professionals across the globe while delivering customized training solutions […]

Importance of LEAN SIX SIGMA in Public Sector

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is equally applicable to government / public sector as it is to the private sector (manufacturing or service). With the public’s demand for greater service at lower costs, no organization has the luxury of being wasteful. Public/State and local governments are no exception One of the greatest opportunities for reaching these objectives […]


M/S BILAL CONSULTANCY PRIVATE LIMITED ARE PROUD TO LAUNCH COMPREHENSIVE LEAN SIX SIGMA GREEN BELT TRAINING IN LAHORE. (FEB 2021) Bilal Consultancy Private Limited has signed partnership with International Lean Six Sigma Institute to offer comprehensive Lean Six Sigma trainings in Pakistan. Our participants get following benefits; Internationally accredited certificate form ILSSI England Lifetime mentorship […]


No country in the history of the world has ever achieved greatness without focusing on massive revenue generation for its long term growth. Either it be through exports or tourism, emphasis has always been to churn in in more dollars which can lead to the massive GDP heights in the long run. Pakistan’s industry has […]

Why Awarding Business On Price Tag Alone Is The Bad Idea?

Cash flow is the king variable, when it comes to streamlining business operations. This is why many companies guard it as a sacred notion while formulating business strategies. Although it is necessary to lessen the extent and type of expenditure across the corporate but it must be not be done at the cost of quality. […]

How Ratan Tata Propelled Group CEO’s To Embrace Business Excellence ?

It is not an easy feat to handle the helm of a gigantic empire, such as TATA. In order to ensure the long-term sustainability of such enterprise, it is necessary to put generic framework in place. Ratan Tata, entailing ancestral charismatic attributes is considered to be the pioneer in institutionalized approach towards governance, which may […]

Why embracing 4th industrial revolution is wrong hotcake for Pakistan’s SME’s?

Technological advancements related to 4th industrial revolution has become a talk of the town these days. Although, it is a need of the time for the big players globally to pave a path for embracing these concepts by practical embedding them into their mega corporations. But when it comes to the small to medium enterprises […]

Essence of Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy is helping companies to look beyond the horizon by tapping into the untapped potential of market. The generic defining principle of blue Ocean strategy is “Stop fighting by being a rival in the market, instead, instill innovation and embark on the journey of creating Blue Ocean in the form of new customers”. […]

How to get started with business metrics utilization?

Analyzing business metrics  is pertinent to studying car dashboard, in a stormy weather. One needs to be aware of car’s fuel light, tire’s deterioration rate, engine maintenance, aesthetics, comfortable interior etc.  When all the anticipated standards are met, than one feel cozy in taking a car for a long ride. Similarly, in business one must […]

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