About Us

About Us


Bilal Consultancy Private Limited is an operation consulting company dealing in Lean Six Sigma Consultancy (Business Process Excellence) and (EPFC) Engineering/Infrastructure domain in Pakistan.

Under the banner of Lean Six Sigma consultancy, we have had honor of working with the local as well as international clientele in more than 5 countries. In this aspect we have trained more than 800+ personnel in terms of problem solving and Lean Six Sigma attributes. We have recently signed an agreement with internal lean six sigma institute to propel the momentum forward.

Under an Engineering/infrastructure domain, we aim to enrich the engineering productivity of organizations in a proficient manner by dealing in complete Engineering & infrastructure domain, encompassing integrated Civil & Mechanical services.

Under our subjected domains, we have attained following great achievements recently;

  • Under Business process excellence (LSS) domain, we have signed strategic partnership with the International Lean Six Sigma institute (UK). We aim to deliver the globally accredited Lean Six Sigma trainings to the worthy audience.
  • In an engineering domain, We are honored to launch Pre-Engineered Buildings for the industrial and public sector in Pakistan. Our approach is integrated through an essence of EPFC domain.

Our Engineering core is highly professional & visionary with a vast experience in the subjected field abroad and within Pakistan. From infrastructure construction module to the last commissioning ones, we are catering all engineering needs under one roof. It is a matter of great honor for us that we complete engineering projects well in time with complete documentation. Our unique selling proposition include deployment of waste reduction techniques (Lean Six Sigma & PMP) for optimal utilization of resources, in engineering projects. 



Vision Statement

“To be the best, by serving the best, in a best possible manner”


Mission Statement

To serve our prestigious customers by instilling a sense of nourishment and growth at the grass-root level to ensure the best progress possible while diminishing the obscure hindrances in way of becoming a stardom


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